For Teachers & Parents

DESE’s Domains of Transitional Programming

  • Independent Living
  • Community Access
  • Career Planning, Career Development, and Job Acquisition
  • Post Secondary Education and Training
  • Ancillary Services / Adult Services

Careerworks partners with education teams to provide community based, vocational programming that compliments existing school services to meet DESE transitional goals.

Working in conjunction with the student’s educational team, Careerworks builds programming that addresses the unique needs of each student as they enter the community.  We assess skills and risks.  We identify the range of skills needed to build the competencies necessary for holding a job and leading a fulfilling life.

Careerworks’ classroom is the community.  We are skilled at accessing the broad range of opportunities our community has to offer in order to build the full spectrum of skills necessary for a post-secondary life.  Experiential Learning allows youth the opportunity to learn skills in context in the environment where they will be practiced.  This approach creates learning experiences that are tangible and rich.   We use these experiences to build the competencies necessary for employment and independent community living.

When students leave Careerworks’ services they are familiar with the workplace and their community.  They also possess a realistic, positive vision of their future.