For Students


Career Exploration and Planning

Careerworks begins by helping you explore your interests and skills.  Step one is listening to you.  Tell us your ideas.  What is important to you?  What does your future look like?

Step two is as simple as “point and click”. We will work together using online interest and skill inventories that help map out what you are good at and generate a range of careers for you to investigate.

Step three, we get out and investigate careers. Careerworks has a knack for getting behind the scenes of organizations and businesses. You will get to meet interesting people and see for yourself what different jobs entail.

Step four, we will set up job shadowing, internships, or help you land paid employment.



Job Search and Job Acquisition

Job searching is hard work.   It can be daunting and discouraging.

Careerworks will walk you through the  process.  We will help you build the skills and project the persona to secure an internship or job.   We will help you to speak to your strengths to let people know you are ready for the job.  We will also assist you to develop job search materials, learn the different ways job openings are posted, and support you on the job so you succeed.



Community Access and Mobility

Job number one is getting to work on time.

Careerworks will help you become an effective commuter for both work and recreation.  You will  learn how to safely and effectively access your community through a range of transportation options.  The more ways you can get around, the more places you can go for work and recreation.



Post Secondary Education and Training

Degrees, certifications, and professional training increase your employability.

Careerworks will work with you to consider a variety of professional development options that improve your chances of landing the job you want.  We can also connect you with community college or technical school.  We can help you access the campus services that you need to be successful.

We can also assist you in considering a range of trainings and certifications that don’t require a four year degree such as becoming certified in  CPR/First Aid or attaining your driver’s license.  These certifications can also have a big impact on your job opportunities.



Continuing Services / Adult Services

When you are an adult, the service world is a little different.   You are the one calling the shots in your life.  Knowing how to access various support services can keep you healthy, happy and successful.  We can help you build solid connections with the services you need.